• 2019 F1 Survey

    The original survey was completed by a relatively well supported 2,500 people, however on this occasion and to my absolute delight the survey was completed by a whopping 10,000+

    Results and data was sent a short while back and I have now managed to create an infographic based on the results found.

    Overall, the results would seem to back my stance that personalisation and driver identification should be stronger in the sport, whilst at the same time keeping the traditional supporters happy too. 


    • - The majority of supporters/fans follow drivers over a team
    • - It is harder than ever to identify a driver on track
    • - F1 should make it easier to identify drivers as not everyone finds it easy
    • - Bigger numbers, drivers flags and extra personalisation would be good, ideally placed on the engine cover, engine fin or rear end plate
    • - Drivers should find their iconic look and change it less often
    • - Drivers should be allowed to influence the look of their team car
    • - Retiring drivers should be given special send of liveries

    Please take a look at the infographic and let me know your thoughts.

    I would like to thank F1 Fan Voice, MsportXtra network and everyone else whom  shared the survey and/or took the time to complete it. At over 10,000 entries I am extremely proud to have a statistically significant survey that I hope can influence the direction F1 goes in for both drivers, teams and fans alike.

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    Thanks Tim



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