• F1 Hide and Seek

    Since the introduction of the Halo to Formula 1 we have slowly but surely lost the most importand fan factor on the car - The driver!

    I have challenged myself to produce a concept that once again brings the fan favourites back in front of their eyes.

    A bit more on the project....

    2 years ago I ran small but hopefully credible survey to Formula 1 racing fans. The basis of the survey was to assess whom the fans followed, what liveries they like and remember and if spotting the driver was easy.

    The results were interesting with 62% of fans predominantly following a single driver over and above the team. As such I clearly feel that more should be done to accommodate the majority whilst still keeping the team feel to satisfy the 38% who simply prefer to follow a team no matter the driver.

    Another question on the survey was about the ease of identifying whom was who on track, especially when side by side, in a crowd and when shooting past the fans trackside at high speed. Nearly every stated that more could be done to help.

    This is where I have stepped in for 2019 with my F1 race livery designs which incorporate a drivers national identity. This help the drivers to stand out from one another in general. Although to solve the problem of two driver from the same country other ideas could be explored.

    You can see the whole grid of livery design concepts over on my behance profile. .

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